Curriculum Development

I have extensive experience in curriculum development, ranging from elementary school to university-level. I developed an Associate of Arts Degree with a First Nations specialization in which I not only outlined the courses necessary for such a program and developed the new First Nations Studies courses, but also made recommendations that dealt with the Indigenization of curriculum, the decolonization of teaching, and support for Indigenous learners.

Program Development:
Northwest Community College, Associate of Arts Degree, First Nations Specialization (2008)

Course Development:
Northwest Community College (2008-2015)
Tahltan 101: Introduction to Tahltan Language Conversation I
Tahltan 102: Introduction to Tahltan Language Conversation II
First Nations Studies 101: Introduction to First Nations Studies
First Nations Studies 110: Ethnobotany – Plants and First Peoples
First Nations Studies 120: Aboriginal Languages – Preservation and Revitalization
First Nations Studies 200: Aboriginal Community Research
First Nations Studies 205: Aboriginal Education – Teaching and Learning
First Nations Studies 210: Aboriginal Health – Community Wellness and Healing
Health 110: Aboriginal Health – Historic and Contemporary Issues
Exercise & Wellness 120: Aboriginal Lifetime Sports I
Exercise & Wellness 121: Aboriginal Lifetime Sports II
Exercise & Wellness 130: Aboriginal Life Cycle Fitness
Sports and Exercise 110: Fitness for Life

Curriculum Development:
University of British Columbia (2003)
Traditional Plant Knowledge of the Tsimshian, Unit Plan for Grades 5-12: Sciences, Social Studies, Applied Skills, and Career and Personal Planning. (
Curriculum for Research Project: Forests and Oceans for the Future – Integrating Local Ecological Knowledge with Natural Resource Management. Principal Investigator, Dr. Charles Menzies