About Me

Edōsdi ushye. Tałsetān didene hots’ih. Tsesk’iye esdā tsehi. Tlabānotine hots’ih ja’ sini.

My name is Edōsdi, which means “someone who raises up pets and children.” My clan is crow and my crest is frog. What I’ve written in Tahltan is who I am and where I’m from, which is similar to locating oneself when carrying out Indigenous Research. It is a way of identifying my voice – of being accountable to the communities and people I’m working with.

I was born and raised in Lax Kxeen (Prince Rupert, BC) and I continue to make it my home, along with Lheidli (Prince George, BC).

  • Language & Culture Director, Tahltan Central Government
  • Assistant Professor, First Nations Studies, University of Northern British Columbia



Running is a big part of my life. While I ran competitively in my teenage years, I continue to run because of my love for it.

Running Highlights:
2017 Vancouver Half Marathon (2:00:31)
2015 Vancouver Half Marathon (2:00:22)
2014 Vancouver Half Marathon (2:05:07)
2014 Prince Rupert Half Marathon (2:08:05)
2012 Vancouver Marathon (4:42:47)
2012 Prince Rupert Half Marathon (2:02:08)
2002 North American Indigenous Games, Winnipeg, MB. Represented British Columbia in the Senior Division (23 years and up) in the following running events: 1500 m (6:25); 5000 m; and 8000 m cross-country (44:44)
1996 Royal Victoria 8 km (41:27)